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We prepare the food, you collect the cash! Nelson’s fundraisers are simple, profitable and delicious. Contact one of our event planners to start planning your fundraiser today.

We cook the food...

The strategy is simple. Select a date, location, and menu for your fundraiser; pre-sell tickets; and provide volunteers the day of the event. Nelson’s will take care of the rest!

You collect the cash!

With Nelson’s fundraisers, everyone wins! Our clients earn 45-60 percent in profits and supporters get a hot, delicious meal and the night off from cooking.

Raising Money has never been tastier

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We loved our fundraiser. We were able to raise over $1,000.00! The food, set-up and process, and the representative are all fantastic. We plan to do the fundraiser again next year.


Port-A-Pit Grilled Chicken

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We were thrilled with the results of the Nelson’s Catering chicken dinner fundraiser. The tickets were easy to sell and the night of the event could not have gone smoother. The Nelson’s team was wonderful to work with, the assembly of the dinners allowed the team to participate and feel a part of the fundraiser. We plan to do again next year!


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