Grilling tips

Grilling season is in full swing and with the Fourth of July right around the corner, we wanted to share a few tips from Tom, one of Nelson’s grill masters.
  1. If you are grilling with charcoal, be sure the coals are white-hot before adding the food. And always remove any leftover ash. When ash builds up, your heat potential declines.
  2. No matter the grill, Tom recommends keeping the lid closed as much as possible to maintain the heat. If not, it is likely the bottom of the food will cook faster than the top.
  3. While it is a personal preference, Tom likes to flip his food more than most. It helps him gauge the doneness and he is wary of burning the food if he doesn’t flip it regularly.
  4. Tom prefers indirect heat while grilling so he has more control over the cooking speed. He said if it gets too hot, you can lose control and end up burning the food on the outside while the inside remains uncooked.
  5. Always pay attention to the grill. Don’t let yourself get distracted and walk away because flare ups happen, which can lead to burned food or worse.

Nelson's Catering grillmaster